Hair Transplant

Beard planting is carried out by FUE technique in people who are not beard in some regions. This method can be used to cover up scars. Because of technological developments nowadays beard and mustache transpplant are made very quickly and easily as desired. There is no any scar on beard and face after taking grafts no any side effect. Everyone can come beard transplant.

SPeople who dont have enough hair on the beard Those who want to aesthetically close the burns and scars in the beard area Asymmetrical beards.

Sakal ve bıyık yoğunluğundan memnun olmayan, bir cilt rahatsızlığı sonrasında kıl kaybı yaşamış ya da geçirdiği bir kaza sonrası bölgesel boşlukları olan, ayrıca hormonal sorunları olan, doğuştan sakal ve ya bıyık yoğunluğu sorunu yaşayan herkes bu ekimi yaptırabilir.

How is the transaction carried out?

Like hair transplantation, hair roots are taken from the donor region and planted to the beard or mustache. At the end of 2 or 3 the month, visible results are obtained. The transplanted hair follicles soon acquire a natural appearance because of the structure and appearance of the planting area.