Hair Transplant

Our specialists will inform you before hair transplantation.

• How long has the hair loss continued,
• Previous treatments (drug, spray, etc.)
• Health history
• Your demands and expectations about hair transplantation.

What you should do before hair transplantation;

1- Do not take blood diluting medicines 1 week before the procedure (aspirin, herbal teas, painkillers)
2- No smoking should be taken a day before the procedure and no alcohol should be taken 3 days before.
3- You can wash your hair with shampoo and massage the night before
4- You should eat before the surgery.
5- We will shave your hair at the hospital.
6- You should wear shirts.
The process of hair transplant is an average of 5-7 hours within 1 day.

Your doctor will do hair analysis; • Hair loss degree • The structure and thickness of the hair • The density of the hair in the donor areas in the side and back of your head.