Hair Transplant

FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a method that hair follicles extract from donor area and are planted to recipient part of hair loss or less hair density. Generally back side of head used as donor area if it is suitable for the process. One of the advantages of FUE technique is, other parts of body also can be used as donor area as chest or beard. In addition to this advantage there are many benefits for patients as; Surgery performed by local anesthesia and for this reason patients do not feel any pain. This method gives consistent results and lack of scars and patients get quick recovery and resume their normal life after surgery Patients can get maximum grafts depends on their own hair quality and donor area.

The FUE method is now, by far the most advanced hair replacement procedure available. It’s an exacting, highly technical minimally invasive procedure with remarkable, natural-looking results.

  • Advantages of FUE;
    – Noninvasive procedure,
    – Short sessions,
    – Quick recovery,
    – Consistent results and lack of scars are the main advanteges of FUE.
    – Local anesthesia.
    – Maximum graft
    – To get grafts from another donor areas (beard, chest)
    – Suitable for both women and men.
    – You can get normal life after surgery