Dental Clinic

Pedodontics-Pediatric Dentistry

Baby teeth usually begin to erupt when the baby is six months old. At the age of approximately 3, the eruption of milk teeth is completed. During this period, there are 20 milk teeth in the mouth. Milk teeth are more prone to wear and decay due to their structural differences.

By the age of 6, milk teeth begin to leave their place to permanent teeth. This situation continues until the age of 13 on average. This period between the ages of 6-13, when both primary and permanent teeth are present in the mouth, is called the mixed dentition period. In this period, the existing caries in the milk teeth negatively affect the health of the newly erupted permanent teeth.

Our main mission in our pedodontic clinic; To protect the oral and dental health of pediatric patients from birth to adolescence, to prevent various problems that may arise, to detect existing diseases and anomalies in the early period and to ensure that they are treated before they progress.

Treatments in Our Clinic

All filling applications, root canal treatment and amputation procedures needed in milk teeth and young permanent teeth, Production of placeholders and child prostheses applied to replace the extracted teeth, Protective and preventive orthodontic treatments, trauma treatments, Fluoride varnish, fluoride gel and fissure sealant treatments to prevent caries