Hair Transplant

One of the fundamental challenges with this specific technique is the way that the specialist should skilfully and viably distinguish the most beneficial hairs, among full-developed hair, to reap and graft the most grounded follicles. This will enable the most ideal outcomes to be accomplished for the patient.

Like a conventional FUE hair transplant, every hair is removed exclusively from a particular contributor zone on a solid piece of the scalp. With our unshaven method, the procedure is significantly more fragile, as there is considerably more hair to work around. When hair is removed, little strands will be trimmed off keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee just the grafts are embedded. The hair from the back and sides of the scalp will need to be long enough to cover the areas where grafts will be taken from, you will not be able to tell that a procedure has been done, especially from the sides.

Front hairline restoration, golf area rarity or hair to increase the length of the hair, without shaving, hair transplantation is done. Hair follicles are taken with FUE micromotor, opens channels with the most suitable slide. Recovery is very fast.